A day in the life

Travis, 22, I do vocals in Abiotic and I'm dating a super wonderful woman named Jamie.

And no, I literally don't smoke any weed.

Instagram : Ohheytravis

People trying to find nudes




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  1. I love blowjobs more than anything.

    I just want to live with my girlfriend and get a blowjob every day and then do something to completely repay her.

  2. Sorry bruh. They right. Go take an eighth and learn something
    asked by Anonymous

    I hope you never reproduce and then I hope you off yourself.

  3. Happy edge day queers.

    Happy edge day queers.

  4. I have to agree with that last anon, you sound dumb as hell talking about mushrooms.
    asked by Anonymous

    Good lord this website is full of morons

  5. One of the most immature 22-year olds I've come across. Disregarding something that naturally grows on our own planet (as weed also does >_>). Educate yourself. You sound like a pissed off angry kid who still hasn't grown up. Pathetic
    asked by Anonymous

    So I’m in the dumb one. Well, mr or mrs (don’t want to discriminate here) I guess I’m just an angry young adult then.

    Welcome to the Internet where people speak their minds.

  6. jesus christ I’m a bitter asshole.

  7. If you take a picture of your wrist band when you’re in the hospital, FUCK YOU. 

  8. So what's wrong with shrooms and acid? Not saying using them as often as weed, but having a spiritual trip/experience every now and then is rejuvenating and much can be learned through using psychedelics. Pills/hard drugs are obviously bad tho, I agree with you.
    asked by Anonymous

    people who say they come out “enlightened” or “have a new aspect” on life can eat my fucking dick. You can obtain a spiritual experience thru so many things, and turning to an illegal substance is just showing that you’re not willing to go out and look for it, you’d rather eat mushrooms that grow off cow shit or take a stupid chemical that fucks with your brain and distorts reality. 

  9. I don’t understand men. I really don’t. I don’t get how women put up the way men treat them. Even in the workplace when you’re getting sexually assaulted and groped while trying to be a god damn productive member of society.

    I really hope there’s a moment as to where women start sticking up for themselves and telling men to fuck off when they aren’t treated as equals.

    Then there also needs to be a fucking instant where men should stop being pieces of shit. Should stop feeling so entitled and remember a woman’s body does not belong to you. You do not own them. They owe you nothing. Dear men, if you believe you are better than a woman because you are a man, kill yourself.

    God damn it I hate people.


  10. Sleep pattern is too fucked right now.